Space Clean offers professional power washing services for commercial parking garages and parking lots. Parking garages are known for being dark, damp and dirty places, Space Clean can provide regular professional pressure washing services to keep your parking areas bright, clean and safe. Dirt and debris beds deep into concrete and can make it hard to remove. Space Clean is fully trained in removing multiple types of concrete stains, as well as what is required for different types of concrete surfaces. Space Clean pressure washing services can remove oil stains, gum, grime build-up and more, ensuring customers are safe walking into the establishment.

Space Clean provides professional cleaning services for all kinds of establishments to include:

  • Parking Garage Facilities
  • Commercial Parking Decks
  • Residential Parking Garages
  • Hospital/Medical Building Parking Garages
  • Municipal Parking Lots
  • Parking Facilities​
Pressure washing parking garage

Why should you hire us to pressure wash your parking garage/lot?

We respond quickly.  If you have a need that must be met on a short time schedule, we can work with you to get your timetable met and get your parking areas looking great fast.

We are locally owned and operated.  Because of this, we give you the personal service and attention your business deserves. Space Clean offers its commercial power washing services in Rochester, NY, to include but not limited to, Pittsford, Henrietta, Webster, Fairport, Penfield and their surrounding areas.